Our name comes from the Latin word that means precision.
And we work very hard to make sure that is an accurate representation of everything we do. We’re ready to put our insight, technical expertise and dedication to quality pharmaceutical and food industry products and services to work on your next challenge.

Why Use Exigo's Stainless Steel Fittings?

Exigo takes great pride in ensuring our customers get the highest quality materials available. The stainless steel we use is one of the highest quality stainless produced and it is traceable to the mill it was produced. Also, it has the highest proportion of recycled content in the market.  Exigo even recycles the left over chips from cutting your products. Did you know for every ton of steel recycled 2,500 pounds of iron, 1,400 pounds of coal, and 120 pounds of limestone are conserved? That means less virgin materials are being extracted, less energy used to manufacture, and a reduction of air and water emissions. Using Exigo’s stainless steel fittings decreases our customer’s carbon footprint and that of their customers.

Kaizen (Continual Improvement)

Exigo practices Kaizen in all of the processes of its manufacturing. The aim is to make the manufacturing processes as smooth, inclusive, and as user friendly as possible for the machine operators and technicians while ensuring quality, timeliness, and fair pricing. Exigo’s operators and technicians have the creative ability to find real world solutions to the methods that they control; it is not uncommon to see manufacturing protocols created by the employees. Exigo may be small, but we think BIG.

Quality Machinery and Tools

Exigo purchases the best machinery and tools to complete your products right the first time. Exigo’s design team uses the best CAD software to ensure your product is designed right before getting to production. The CNC machines on hand are capable of manufacturing almost any of your products in a clean, safe environment. Finally, Exigo’s thorough inspection process makes sure your product meets all engineering requirements and standards requested using quality metrology equipment.

Quality Demanded, Quality Supplied

In a world filled with mass produced goods, Exigo has heeded to the demand for quality since day one. From incoming raw material to final good, everything that Exigo makes, goes through numerous quality checks along its path to completion. No matter machinist or shipping clerk, every employee that touches a part is trained to inspect and to look for defects; so that you, the customer, can put trust that the product you expect is the product you received.

In-house Electro-polishing & Passivation

 At Exigo we can electro-polish and/ or passivate the fittings you order to give you an even smoother finish than standard machine finishing and improve corrosion resistance. If have specialty parts that you would like electro-polished or passivated, we can get that done for you with a quick turnaround. Inquire with our team to find out more.