We add additional codes to the mill-generated heat number to identify the specific material size and form ... as well as the origin of the part. But the search mode will work as a partial in many cases. If you have part of the heat number, try typing it into the search field. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us. We’ll be happy to help.

Quality Assured

Our unique traceability system is your assurance of the quality of your delivered product. We also provide efficient electronic access to material test reports.

If you need a copy of the material test reports on any of your products, just type in the number in the search field, and you can download that information.


Our unique manufacturing software traces the material from the time it arrives at our loading docks to the moment it is shipped to you. Since our computers track each piece and each unique heat through the entire manufacturing process, it can recall … and identify … every part shipped to every customer for every heat number we have ever used.

We employ a NITON® positive material identification (PMI) device utilizing x-ray diffraction technology to inspect and verify that every single piece of incoming raw material matches the mill test reports. This PMI process allows us to electronically record the accurate (traceable to NIST standards) status of each piece of material for future recall and analysis. The heat number is indelibly deep-laser-etched in each stainless steel part utilizing the actual mill-generated heat codes. The traceable heat number is recorded on all shipping paperwork and appears on the customer invoice as well.